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Learning Chinese is The best Options Now

More and more people are learning Chinese. But why?Chinese is considered one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. But there are some good reasons to take on this challenge!

Here are the top six reasons to learn Chinese these days:

  1. The future factor:

Chinese becomes the second world language

English is undoubtedly the world language number one, and that will likely remain so for a long time. But the English language got a competitor – Mandarin Chinese.

The official high-level language in the Middle Kingdom is developing more and more into a second world language with the rise of China as an economic superpower, which is spoken and understood by more and more people. At the best chinese language school in angmokio you will be having the best options now.

Especially in Asia, where China exerts a particularly strong influence on its neighboring countries, many young people now prefer to choose Chinese as a second foreign language instead of English. And also on other continents, such as South America, Africa or Europe is diligently learned Chinese.

Language researchers assume that Chinese words in 20 years’ time will just as naturally be part of our everyday vernacular as English words are today.

So in the future, anyone who wants to understand what his children are talking about should learn Chinese better today!

  1. The communication factor:

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world

Do I speak Chinese or what? This question can be heard when it comes to communication problems between interlocutors.But in reality, Chinese is better understood than you might think!There are currently about 1.3 billion people in the People’s Republic of China, of which an estimated 800 million are native speakers of Mandarin, the official language.

Then there are the many millions of Chinese who actually speak other dialects in their families, but have learned Mandarin at the country’s schools and universities, and use it daily in public life.

Including all Chinese residing outside the People’s Republic of China, such as Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea or Vietnam, as well as many Chinese communities and Chinatowns in the US, Canada Australia, South America and Europe, it comes again to a figure of about 60 million people.

Thus, Chinese is currently the most spoken language in the world, or anyone who speaks Chinese, can communicate with about one fifth of the world’s population – a real communication advantage.

CNC Training Institute: Learn the future of Machinery

CNC training institute teaches complete introduction to CNC machines and their language, this training will allow you to discover the world of industrial computing, automation and modern machining. Prepare for the job of a technician on a CNC machine.

The numerically controlled machine operator is the miller – milling machine of modern times. He is responsible for driving, from a computer program, one or more machines (lathe, drill, grinding machine, milling machine …) that manufacture metal parts. From a plan and a manufacturing file, it adjusts the parameters of the machine tool to obtain, by metal removal, the desired shape and appearance. Once the production is started, the numerical control machine operator controls the manufacturing of the parts, makes adjustments to correct any defects and intervenes manually if necessary.

Main Activities of the Machinery

From the reading of the drawings to the quality control, the numerically controlled machine operator takes care of all parts manufacturing operations. Its activities consist of:

  • Take note of the manufacturing file,
  • Check the operation of the machine,
  • Select the programs to use,
  • Place the work piece with a hoist or overhead crane if necessary,
  • Start the program, after checking the positioning of the part,
  • Constantly check the smooth running of the machining operation,
  • Check the quality of the part, correct the defects.

In addition to essential basic skills in machining techniques, the CNC operator must:

  • Know how to read and interpret plans,
  • know the materials used and their processing by cutting,
  • Control the tools of control,
  • Have notions in computer programming applied to machine tools,
  • Meet the standards of productivity and quality, as well as the safety rules,
  • Know how to exchange with other services (maintenance, production management, quality control) to optimize production.

Skillful and precise in his actions, he is also methodical, rigorous, and able to make decisions quickly in the face of the vagaries of production (defective part, malfunction of a machine …). It also has a good spatial representation of volumes and good physical resistance (extended standing, staggered hours).

How to become an Operator on a CNC Machine

From the professional baccalaureate to the pro license, several trainings make it possible to gain access to the profession of operator on a numerically controlled machine.

In What Environment

The CNC machine operator’s job is in a workshop in many sectors of the industry: automotive, aeronautics, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, tool making especially in small companies, subcontractors, large groups.

After a few years of experience, a numerically controlled machine operator can become a foreman and supervise a team, or evolve, thanks to professional training, to the positions of technician of studies, technician of methods, technician quality or production manager.

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